Monday, December 24, 2012

You Are Always In Good Hands

When you feel some kind of discomfort, call it depression, sadness, worry, frustration, anger, uncertainty, in one word, fear, remember that what you are experiencing is nothing but a passing wave. So simply feel it, and breath into it. Just quietly breath.

That passing wave has nothing to do with your present circumstance(s), whichever it may be. As the course reminds us, "I am never upset (depress, sad, angry, frustrated, etc.) for the reason I think." W-pI.5

Your Self is in charge of your life and all is perfect as it is supposed to me. This also reminds me the line from A course in miracles which states, "All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego's judgment." T-4.V.1:1-2

Learn to little by little trust in each moment, which would be the same as to say, to trust in your Self. And like everything, that experience is nothing but an obstacle that it is being brought to your conscious awareness in order to disappear into the light of Truth. In other words, in order to be healed.

So with patience and tranquil surrender, breath, feel, and do not focus on any specific circumstance or event. In other words, do not fix your attention on any story the mind is trying to built around whatever it is you are feeling, and you'll see how everything is flowing perfectly.

Simply do that, and before you even know it, you'll once again begin to feel wonderful, and will remember that it is all a passing wave.

If on the contrary you focus on the circumstance, the problem, the story (the wave), assuming that the reason you feel the way you do is because of whatever experience you seem to make responsible for your feelings, basically, if you keep focussing on the passing wave, all you'll be doing is surfing it.

That being the case, you'll continue experiencing more and more of that which makes you feel the way you are feeling now. In that moment you are simply forgetting that what you are feeling is simply and obstacle that as I said before, is coming up for healing.

Let it heal. That's why you are experiencing it. Otherwise it would not be there. Don't judge it, don't analyze it, don't make a story around it, just let it heal. Or as the Beatles would say, "Let it be".

If it is there, is because that is how it was supposed to be. That's all. There is nothing to do or to fix, just feel, and allow.

Although the experience may be uncomfortable, while we are taught to be "grateful" in order to have certain experiences, which for the most part are ways to hide the obstacles that are buried deep within, learn to be grateful for that healing, learn to be grateful for that stuff that is coming out so you can liberate  yourself once and for all from it.

Simply breath, and feel. That the only thing you need to do. Trust the process, because the One Who is in charge is your Self, not you.

Therefore, enjoy the fact that you are always in Good Hands. ;o)