Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dr. Kenneth Wapnick made ​​his transition on Friday, December 27, 2013

Dr. Kenneth Wapnick made ​​his transition on Friday, December 27, 2013. Let’s all remember that he now joins us in Mind, and I ask the Holy Spirit to help me love the way Dr. Wapnick have showed us.

I'm not a perfect student of the Course, and I fall off the wagon, but thanks to the clarity of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick’s  writings and lectures, it has supported me in experiencing a space of peace and understanding that has been part of me for the last couple of months.

I want to thank all the people with whom I have interacted with, not only the ones I loved, but the ones I judged because they helped me see my internal guilt projected outward so that I can choose healing.

May the peace and love of God reign in your hearts, and that this day, and every day is a day filled with joy, peace, and love. In remembrance of Dr. Wapnick, those are my most sincere wishes to all!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

How To Free Myslelf

If I remember that everything is a thought, and that the though comes from me, a judgement against a brother the mind interprets it as a judgement against myself and I feel bad. In the same way a loving thought towards my brother the mind interprets it as a loving thought towards me and I feel great.

That doesn’t mean that I have to agree with my brother’s behaviour, specially if he is acting out of fear. But it does mean that if I forger to perceive incense in him I won’t be able to perceive it in me and now we are both sharing the same darkness, even if what he may do is perceived as “bad” and what I may do is perceived as “good.” - Nick Arandes

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If You Desire Anything In The World, You Desire Death

I know that the title of this article sounds a bit harsh, but it is actually very loving, and as you read it it will make perfect sense.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a good friend and I she said that in the world of form she just wanted a house, even if it is a small one, but rather a quiet space where she could feel that she didn’t have to worry about her economic situation, a place where she could be at peace and enjoy.

I told her that if she wanted that house, she could simply move in the direction of finding information about it, only to make sure not having any attachment or expectations. A person who is aware of that, simply do whatever anyone would do in the world without psychological attachments.

However, there is something we need to be conscious of, because the thought system of the ego (fear) could easily be underestimated.

This is what I mean. Every desire we have in this world comes from the idea that there is something here that can make us happy, that can bring us peace. And it's another way of wanting to preserve a world that simply reinforces de fear I have to the Real World (Kingdom, My Home in God).

And even when it may seem that just wanting a house so that I can be at peace is an innocent wish, behind any desire is the fear of awakening to my real world, because letting go of this "world" means that I am losing something. When in fact, releasing this world is gaining it all! But we need to take this step by step.

Therefore, wishing for a house or a car, or a job, or money, or a relationship, or whatever it may be is not the problem. The problem comes when we negate, suppress or ignore our wishes, trying to convince ourselves that we "should" not wish them, or that there is something wrong with that. Because in suppressing the desire, there is a denial, a sense of sacrifice that does not support us in letting go of this experience, in letting go of this "world".

Therefore, when the course says for example, "I have said repeatedly that the Holy Spirit would not deprive you of your special relationships, but would transform them," T-17.IV.2 3 the ego thought system focuses on the first part of that sentence, and seek special relationships without realizing that what the course is referring to is that by giving you the opportunity to fulfill that "desire" only this time with the Holy Spirit's thought system, you will be taught that there is nothing there, nothing you really wanted, nothing that could really bring you anything permanent.

Yes, you may experience the transitory "pleasure" of having that experience, but soon you'll come to the realization that it was just that, a passing pleasure that leads you to nothing, in anything, to wanting more. However, as the peace of God becomes more and more real and desirable to you, it will be easier to let go of this world.

That change of perception, that change of mentality will lead you to not attach yourself more to that which you so much wanted, but to let it go because once again, the faster you let go of your psychological attachment to your world, the faster you will open yourself up to the Real World that you truly desire; Kingdom, your Home in God, Heaven, or simply Love. In the end, what you name it is irrelevant. It's the Same Thing.

That's why the course emphasizes that sacrifice is not necessary for salvation but to open yourself up to a new thought system while you are still experiencing yourself as a human being filled with desires.

As the mind is transformed, desires also will be transformed. And the time will come that even if you have whatever you desire or not, you know what you really want. And none of the distractions of this world will stand in the way of what you truly want, which is the peace of God.

Because in the end, that's what we all really want, only that we thought that we could find it through what we have or do in the world, when in reality, peace is simple part of what we truly are. Love is what we truly are, abundance, joy, happiness, is what we are.

But a mind that is filled with desires cannot experience what it is, because wanting and desiring keep the attention outward, on lack for only a mind filled with lack desires what it thinks it doesn’t have. On the other hand, to find what we truly are, all we need to do is keep the attention inward.

We must also remember that everything we want in this world will lead to death, not because what we want will kill us, unless we have a psychopath as a partner lol. But in this world of form, everything ends in death. The body will die regardless whether if one has a million dollars or not, regardless whether if one has a mansion or not, regardless whether if one has one or multiple partners or not, etc., etc., etc.

No matter what happens in this world for ones "benefit" or otherwise, our destiny in the physical world is already written by ego. The body is going to die!

Our true destiny however remains the same, we will return to our natural state of pure joy, blissful peace, permanent  happiness, infinite abundance, only that we can not experiment it for wanting a world that will lead to death.

Why not better exchange this world for one that we really want?." Our emphasis is not on giving up the world, but on exchanging it for what is far more satisfying, filled with joy, and capable of offering you peace. Think you this world can offer that to you?" W-pI.129.1 :3-4

Meanwhile, I'm not saying we should deny your wishes, or to make sacrifices, but to simply watch them very carefully because if we are not aware, they could become our new gods. And finally, sooner or later, since in this world everything changes, and nothing here is permanent, those gods who we could so much adore and idolize will disappoint us. Why? "Anything in this world that you believe is good and valuable and worth striving for can hurt you, and will do so"T-26.VI.1:1

So whatever it is that we do in the “world” is irrelevant. But if we want to experience real happiness, real joy, real peace, we have to be conscious of the thought system we are identifying with in each and every moment.

There are only two thought systems. Well, in reality there is only one; Love. The “other” thought systems is simple, not the opposite, but the absence or denial of the first one. There is really no darkness, just absence of light. There is really no fear, just absence of love. There is really no physical world, just a denial or the Real one.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Whatever We Give Meaning To We Give Our Power To

The reason why A Course in Miracles' teaching is simple is because reminds us that the world has no meaning in an of itself. However, the moment I give meaning to something, all I am doing is giving to a meaningless world my power. Why I am giving it my power? Because I am always being affected, not by what is taking place in the word but by the meaning I am projecting unto it.
Where there is no meaning, all that there is is neutrality. And in neutrality all that exists is peace of mind. However, the meaning I give, or project unto anything comes from an unconscious part of the mind that says, "That which I am seeing is real." Which indeed reinforces the belief I have about myself which is, "I am real."

And the belief that says I am real and therefore see the world as real, comes from a deeply rooted belief that says that a separation took place. And that separation comes from a deep seeded guilt that says, "I did this and therefore I am going to be punished for this. So I need to hide here, in this body, in this world so that God won't find me and punish me for what I did to Him."

All of it is non sense obviously, however that is the guilt that prevents us from turning the mind inward instead of keeping our attention on the outer images and projection of meaning unto them. That's why the course's teaching can be very frightening because it is asking us to let go of a world that we have considered our home when our real Home is in God, not in this world.

"This world you seem to live in is not home to you. And somewhere in your mind you know that this is true." W-pI.182.1:1-2 And therefore, every single teaching (non-dual like the Curse) focusses on silence. "I will be still an instant and go home." W-pI.182  “Be still, and know that I am God;" [Psalm 46:10]

And by the way, that's why A Course in Miracles also has been very difficult for many to understand, because they have made it into a dual teaching and try to apply the Course's teaching to the "world" overlooking the course's main teaching: "There is no world! This is the central thought the course attempts to teach." W-pI.132.6:2-3

So going back to the original statement that whatever we give meaning to we give our power to, is simply stating that if I give (project) any meaning unto anything in the word, I will give the power to affect me either through pain or through pleasure. And all of this takes place not only consciously, but mostly unconsciously.

That's why we need the Holy Spirit's help for two reasons, one being: "When you have been caught in the world of perception you are caught in a dream. You cannot escape without help, because everything your senses show merely witnesses to the reality of the dream." A Course in Miracles' Preface. And secondly because of the fact that since all of my sense show merely witnesses to the reality of the dream, "You cannot be your guide to miracles, for it is you who made them necessary." T-14.XI.7:1 Or as Albert Einstein once said, "You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it."

Let me share two contrasting examples.

1) If I see a person hitting an animal (dog, cat, horse, etc), the mind is seeing a meaningless picture. If I remember that only the Truth of God is real, I would simple see an image which the mind may interpret as a man hitting an animal which is inevitable because that is how I have learned to perceive what the eyes see only that I would not have any emotional reaction to it. The issue comes when I feel affected by it, when I feel either sad, or angry, or hurt (all being expressions of guilt projected outward) for what my eyes seem to be seeing. That emotional charge again does not come from the scene I am "seeing," it comes from the meaning I am projecting on to ti, which goes back to the only one rooted belief (a separation occurred, I am real, therefore the world is real, and the guilt I project unto the image is the guilt I feel for having cause that supposedly separation).

Now let's look at the other side of a coin.

2) I am attracted to a beautiful woman. The woman is simple another scene the mind seems to be projecting. However, the meaning I am projecting unto it is what affects me, not the image I am seeing. Because once again the scene (attractive woman) is simple a meaningless image.

That does not mean that if I see a man or woman hitting an animal viciously that I may not feel compelled to do something. Only that if I decide to take some sort of action I would do it without judgement, without fear, without guilt, without emotional attachment. I would simply do it because as being identified with the Holy Spirit's thought system, that would be the kindest thing to do. And also if I am identified with the right mind, I may be led to not do anything.

Now with the example of the attractive woman, if I am identified with the Holy Spirit's thought system I may simply observe a beautiful woman without having any effect on me. However, if I still feel the attraction, and I am conscious that the attraction comes from the ego's thought system, I may still go for the experience of knowing that woman, only that now I am entering into that relationship consciously. I will be now using that relationship for healing of the mind, not for the ego's original purpose which was to perpetuate the guilt, the belief in separation, the belief that she can be my source of anything. That's why the Course reminds me: " I have said repeatedly that the Holy Spirit would not deprive you of your special relationships, but would transform them." T-17.IV.2:3

So when the Course says, "I am not a victim of the world I see" W-pI.31, the word "victim" seems to confuse people because they associate that word with something "negative." But in reality all that is implying is that if I react to anything I am being a victim of that which I am reacting to.

So again, if react to a piece of delicious chocolate cake, I am being a "victim" of that image because I think that the chocolate cake is the cause and I am the effect, when it is actually the other way around, I am the cause (guilt projected outward and interpreted by a thought system of separation), and the result of that interpretation is the effect (the peace of chocolate cake that I perceive as real and that can affect the "i" I think I am).

So what is the cause? The belief that a separation has occurred. ¿And what is the effect? The "world" that I see, which gives testimony of that belief. "It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition." T-21.In.1:5

And the fear of letting go of this world, of this outward picture of an inward condition is what does not allows me to experience Truth, or Love, or God. So the work is not in changing meanings, but is simple in accepting everything as it is without trying to give it any meaning. That is why the course's lessons begins with, "Nothing I see means anything." W-pI.1 And if you read all the lessons they are all derivate of that same lesson.

Then, ¿why is the course so difficult for many people to understand and apply? Because, "There is no statement that the world is more afraid to hear than this: I do not know the thing I am, and therefore do not know what I am doing, where I am, or how to look upon the world or on myself. Yet in this learning is salvation born. And What you are will tell you of Itself." T-31.V.17:6-9

So if you would like A Course in Miracles summarized in one simple statement, one could be: "If you are willing to renounce the role of guardian of your thought system and open it to me, I will correct it very gently and lead you back to God." T-4.I.4:7

¿What is that statement saying? That if I am willing to "renounce the role of guardian of your thought system", which means letting go of all my beliefs, all that I think I know, everything that I have learned, or as the course simply states it; "Remember nothing that you taught yourself, for you were badly taught," T-28.I.7:1, now the Holy Spirit can do His work.

That's why the Course is simple! Not easy because there is so much resistance, but Jesus teaching's are simple, so simple, and that's the reason why they appear so threatening for they are designed to undo this false self, the one that we defend till the day we "die."

Let us remember that "The reason this course is simple is that truth is simple. Complexity is of the ego, and is nothing more than the ego's attempt to obscure the obvious." T-15.IV.6:1-2 Another way of putting it: "To you who seem to find this course to be too difficult to learn, let me repeat that to achieve a goal you must proceed in its direction, not away from it. And every road that leads the other way will not advance the purpose to be found. If this be difficult to understand, then is this course impossible to learn. But only then. For otherwise, it is a simple teaching in the obvious." T-31.IV.7:3-7

And what is the direction that you have to take? To simply choosing peace of mind, not your illusions or your interpretation of them. ¿Is that very difficult to understand? Because if it is, then forget everything and "Simply do this: Be still, and lay aside all thoughts of what you are and what God is; all concepts you have learned about the world; all images you hold about yourself. Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false, or good or bad, of every thought it judges worthy, and all the ideas of which it is ashamed. Hold onto nothing. Do not bring with you one thought the past has taught, nor one belief you ever learned before from anything. Forget this world, forget this course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God." W-pI.189.7:1-5

If we are willing and humble enough to know that we know nothing, we have access to our true power. Otherwise we will relinquish your power to all illusions and will suffer the consequences of that choice. Therefore, "Would you rather be right or happy?" T-29.VII.1:9 If I am honest with myself, there are times when I rather be right, but that is no reason to punish myself of feel guilty about it, it is simply another opportunity to practice forgiveness!

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Simply Let Go, And You'll Know What To Do!

Do not allow any of what your physical senses may tell you, nor any thought you may have distract you from this present moment. If you practice that, you'll experience that peace from which the Voice of Truth speaks through you.

You won't have to worry about what to say, for it will be said through you.
You won't have to worry about what decisions to make or what to do, for everything will be done through you.
You won't have to worry about how you'll be provided, because whatever you need will be experienced through you.

Remember, you don't have the fee will to make decisions, although it may appear to be that way. You only have to power to choose which teacher in your mind you want to identify yourself with in each moment. It is that simple. -Nick Arandes