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Although I have been associated with A Course in Miracles, given the fact that that is how my journey has unfolded, I am aware that the Course is not meant for me to do anything with it except to put it into practice. ¿Why I ended up being invited to speak about it? I have no idea. I just showed up if I was asked and made nothing special of the encounter. However, I am no longer speaking about a Course, even when it will always be my reminder of my nature as That (Just as You are), which words cannot explain nor describe.

Having said that, since I have been invited to speak mostly in Spanish speaking countries, this site is not updated frequently. Anyone who resonates with what I am sharing, please be aware that the ONLY Teacher (capital letter) of A Course in Miracles is the Holy Spirit, Christ, Inner Wisdom or whatever you want to name It. Therefore, to make it clear, I do not consider myself a "teacher" or "facilitator" of A Course in Miracles. 

If you feel moved to study and practice A Course in Miracles, the book can be easily obtained in any bookstore or can be ordered directly through the Foundation for Inner Peace by clicking here.

Meanwhile, enjoy this videos in English, two of the few, given the fact that, once again, most of my talks are in Spanish:

To watch other videos in English visit my YouTube channel by clicking here here.