Individual Consultation


Private consultations are from what arises in the present moment. We talk about what the person feels, trusting what is being said.

I am not in charge of the consultation, meaning, I do not considered myself an "expert", "therapist", "teacher" nor anything in between. Simply the Presence that leads us to coincide is the One in charge of what has to be done and said, and again, remembering that the encounter serves us both.

The fee is $ 50 via PayPal, simply as a symbolic price for the time I am dedicating to the person. That is why in the consultations no promises of any kind are made because I am not in charge of anyone's life´s journey nor can I predict what everyone has to live.

Rather, the only purpose is so that the person become aware within its own context that there is another way to live their present experience without the need for suffering as we are being remind of our True Nature, which has nothing to do with this illusory physical experience.

If the person circumstances change as a result of that understanding, it is not because "I" (Nick Arandes) did anything special. That is why I am not interested in selling anyone a private consultation. 

It's simply because that's what they were suppose to experience according to their journey, and life (consciousness, whatever you want to call it) orchestrated our meeting so that the change in mentality could take place.

To pay for the individual session through PayPal, use the following link:

If you cannot make the payment via the link above, go to the contact page and we can talk about possible options.