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What Happened After Letting God
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When I wrote my first book regarding the teachings of A Course in Miracles titled What Happens When You Let God, it is intended as a spring board for people who are caught in the world of contemporary spirituality and metaphysics as well as self-help, that may find themselves running in circles. It is not intended to be a 100% representation of the non-dual nature of the Course´s teaching.

This is not to say that there is a "wrong" path. EVERY PATH is the "right" one if that is the one that the individual is traveling. Not because of the path itself, but because is the one chosen by Love so that as one begins to discern, any path that does not lead to Truth sooner or later will be discarded.

So if you take the direct path from the beginning, or not, the truth is, the path will lead you to a dead end, forcing you to choose again until you are ready to find yourself in the direct path.

Having said, that, my next book will be available soon. That one if strictly focused on the non-dual nature of the teachings of A Course in Miracles, and will be how I close the circle that began with the first book.

What Happens When You Let God
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What Happens When You Let God

with Nick Arandes

 "What Happens When You Let God by Nick Arandes gives the reader a guide to a practical use of the teachings of ACIM. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to live life more happily and easily." Gary Renard, Bestselling author of The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality.

"What Happens When You Let God is a wonderfully down to earth sharing of the lived wisdom of A Course in Miracles. Nick Arandes is a teacher and student of the Course who really walks his talk and it shows! Full of love and encouragement, humor and insight, we highly recommend this to anyone who wants to experience what happens when you let God." -Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira, Authors of Take Me To Truth, Undoing the Ego

"Through What Happens When You Let God, author Nick Arandes gives us all the gift of marrying A Course in Miracles with practical application. Intimately sharing from his own stories of challenge, Nick leads the reader through the dark tunnels of struggle to remember the hope which thrives within and beyond each obstacle to peace. What Happens When You Let God is a comprehensive and prolific tool for applying A Course in Miracles to every stone the road of life may hurl. Thank you Nick for your willingness to share and lead the way." Pamela Silberman: Author of Simply Being: One Year with Spirit

"What Happens When You Let God by Nick Arandes is a wonderful and simply practical guide to true forgiveness as taught in A Course In Miracles. So whether you are a learned student of A Course In Miracles or have never heard of it, this book will help guide you to a new life, free of suffering. I especially like the summary at the end of the book, which can be used as a daily reminder to live happily and easily." Linda Jean McNabb, author of One Again: A True Story of a Different Kind of Forgiveness,

"Nick, I am reading your book What Happens When You Let God. It is truly very inspiring and never fails to bring me a strong sense of peace. Marianne Williamson and Wayne Dyer are two of my favorite authors, and I have to say that your book is in the same category with their books. Also, as far as its application to the Course in Miracles, it really demonstrates all that which is possible through the simple act of forgiveness and the process of surrendering." -Megan Green, Attorney

"NICK, Your Book, "What Happens When You Let God" is SUPER! Never have I seen so much Given in such a Loving, Caring Way. It is so comprehensive in providing core themes of A Course IN deserves to be a MUST Reading for anyone who wants to go beyond the symbols, concepts and words to the Light and Love of your own Experiences so Generously shared for all. THANK YOU FRIEND!" -David Fishman

"I'd like to buy 5 books for my students. I read 3 or 4 pages of your book at the Course In Miracles Group last night. Everyone enjoyed your book. Love," -Rev. Sandy Levy

"I just found myself with a few spare minutes, and I used it to open your book randomly and read a couple of paragraphs. I felt the love pouring through. I look forward to reading more." -Love, Regina Dawn Akers, author of NTI. New Testament Interpretation

"In his magnificent book, What Happens When You Let God, Nick asks What would happen if you let go and let God and then he becomes a Master guide helping us navigate our inner terrain with love as the safety net! He embodies ACIM & offers guidance and clarity to those of us who resonate with ACIM and journey with him. He gives his attention to every detail of the Course, always consistent with the message as revealed and never lets himself or us be sidetracked or distracted from the teaching by a mind that struggles with letting go and letting God! I love Nick's book and I often carry it with me should I forget to remember who I really am, and that, 'I am as God created me'!" Love, -Carol Ann McVane

"Nick Arandes is a sincere and dedicated student of A Course in Miracles. I gleaned some great insights in his book What Happens When you Let God. Enjoy!" -Sheryl Valentine, author of Oh My God, It's ME!

"Hi Nick, Thanks for your words of wisdom yet again and also for the perfect prayer/s that you have given to me personally and on your website. Thanks for your book, it is amazing. I particularly loved the introduction on the beach in Puerto Rico, with the sea, and yourself as a friend., it was quite lovely, to make people feel that they are not alone and are cared for on lifes journey. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book so that it may help me to be happy and fulfilled in life." Love, Ruby O'Neill

" Nick, just to let you know that I have 6 more pages to read of your book. It has been excellent and a real down-to-earth approach to ACIM. Talk about "when the student is ready". First, it was Nouk and Thomas' book, then Gary Renard's 2 books and then yours. Many thanks," Pat Hendy

"When I started to read your new book tonight there were many passages just in the first 10-15 pages on the book that just 'buzzed' me. This is going to be one really enjoyable book to read!!! And I AM ready to 'let go and let God'." -Derek Neilson, Australia

"I am still trying to recover financially from a divorce which left me thousands in debt but introduced me to ACIM (mixed blessings, huh?!). The past month was particularly rough, and a friend of mine gave me her (name undisclosed) tapes, thinking they would help me find a way out. As I listened to them, my ego started to say, "Yeah, THAT'S the ticket" but the other voice (it wasn't very small, and it certainly wasn't being still! LOL!) was saying, "HELLO! Where does "be vigilant only for God" fit into this? YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!". The conflict which raged in me brought me to my knees and I found myself thinking if things got any more painful, I would have to end it. Then, I read about your book on d. Patrick Miller's website (Gary Renard referred to the website in his newsletter) and ordered it. It just arrived, and reading about your experience, I am reminded once again to which voice I am supposed to be listening, and am feeling at peace once more. I also appreciate the fact that you don't set yourself up to be the next Course Guru. I look forward to reading the rest of the book, and working in the workbook. I hope someday to meet you and thank you in person. Love," Meg S.

"I read "How The Story Began" and tears flowed. I instantly got it! All these years working with spiritual healing (I won't even mention all the paths), I got it straight away: I have wanted right up till now for God to do it MY WAY! Yeah, this was the true insight I needed, coming from the depth of my soul. THANK YOU! I got up and felt like writing to my friend Nick." Love, Veronika W. }

"Nick, I love your book and I am passing it on to my clients. I loaned my copy to one person just this afternoon and after 3 minutes, he asked me to order him a copy. By word of mouth you'll have a best seller :-)" - Mark Marvald

"Hey Nick, I wanted to e-mail and tell you how much I'm enjoying your book! I really like how you explain how good intentions can still come from the ego. I am understanding more and more the difference between being led by spirit and being led by anything else. Your book kept me company last night as I lay awake for hours. It is comforting to read through the stages and see my path is in line with what it is supposed to be. Once again, gratitude seems so inefficient to describe what I feel. Thank you for showing me what is possible I'm glad you were led to me!" -Patty Oneal, Ph.D

"Hi Nick, I received your book Saturday, and have about half of it read- I've been letting it resonate within-feeling it-I really love your self expression and interpretation, and in the explaining of the love, forgiveness - process...really great info to refer back again to in those times of tests...more info than I anticipated. It speaks to my soul well."

After finishing the book:

"I finished your book, and its a great read, insight and information. I am passing it on to a friend who will also benefit from it and your insight. I like how you use your personal experiences throughout it. Love, light and blessings, Love,light and blessings!!" -Lisa Zimmer Mahoney

"Hi Nick, I just want to tell you that I love your book What Happens When You Let God."

Months after having read the book:

Hey Nick. I love your book. I opened it up a few weeks ago to just the perfect spot for what I needed to hear and what I read in it has really been the foundation of my next steps with the course. -Lamar Renville

"Hey Nick. Read your book one year ago after I quit my 6 figure job w/ benefits because I thought I was lead out. I have been thru all the courses as well trying to make things happen. SOMETIMES I could get results but I could never keep the results. Boom and then bust...Thanks writing your book and having the courage to go thru it no matter what the appearance is. Your book is a real help to me." -Randy Weisz

"I suspect for many people Nick's simple message in What Happens When You Let God may make them feel a little uncomfortable, but clearly it is the deepest spiritual truth in its most helpful form ever to date. Furthermore it seems that every question and doubt that springs to mind is also addressed in this book. I have a feeling that after reading Nick's book and taking a giant leap of faith, it will be possible for some extraordinary people to live the principles of A Course in Miracles, reach omnipotent inner peace, without ever having the need to study the Course or undergo any other spiritual practice!"

After my event in Spain, she also wrote:

"Shockingly simple and with ego laid aside very doable. I have the feeling that Nick and this book will be hugely instrumental in changing the direction of the whole of the self-help movement in the world and swiftly lead  us to the peace that passeth  understanding." -Lynne Sears (ACIM student of 20 years) Spain

"I had ordered 3 copies of What Happens When You Let God already, since it is clearly in line with my studying experiences, and several friends have expressed an interest in The Course. The books arrived yesterday, and deal very pleasantly with how one wrestles with ego frequently at first, but as the result of denying the apparent reality in a repetitive way, wrestling gives way to simply choosing. I do regret not having had the chance of meeting NIck, but since separation is only physically apparent, I am currently meeting him through his writing." -Val, England

Hi Nick, Thank you for your heart felt effort to aid humanity in their quest for answers. It is so true that if we lower our voices and be still we will hear the guidance from the holy spirit. I am now a practicing disciple following the course after reading your book. You are right that it is a simple concept but not easy. However, I became the experiment in what seemed to be a hopeless situation. I ask the holy spirit for guidance and got out of the way and the chain of events that followed were smooth and loving and more than I could have ask for. Thank you for being in my world even if it is an illusion. Love and lots of blessings.

While reading the book:

Hi Nick, I am reading What Happens When you let God and love it. While my brother was visiting me from out of town he picked it up and started reading it too. Well guess what? He loves how easy it is to read. He wanted to take it home with him read it, then mail it back to me. I am still reading it also I have made notes in it so I want him to have his own book. I want to buy the book for him and one for my girl friend. -Kathy Dixon, TN

Nick, I love picking your book up and finding comfort and peace.... You are a Precious Wonderful Bright Awesome Spirit. May all the Light, Love and Blessings fall from the Heavens on you NICK, Love, Carrmon, TX

Hey Nick, Thanks for writing your book "What Happens When You Let God" and thanks to the Holy Spirit for sending it my way. Like you, I am enamored of the radical, kick-ass, uncompromising, take no prisoners teachings of the "Course in Miracles." With love and gratitude, your fellow teacher/student, -Vicky McLaurin

Hi Nick, I am about 1/3 of the way into your book and it is truly amazing! I am also a student of A Course in Miracles. Your book certainly explains a lot of the Course in a very simple way and makes is easier to understand. I am bringing your book to one of our group ACIM meetings and have marked some passages that I would like to share with them. I am also sending out an email to the people that came to Nouk and Tomas' workshops (Take Me to Truth and the Miracle of Trust) to let them know about your book. If you are interested in coming here, please let me know! Have an awesome day! Love and light, -Judy Youmans

Nick, I just had to email and let you know (again) how wonderful your book What Happens When You Let God is, and what an uplifting and inspirational book it is for me. I have been experiencing a series of disappointments over the last couple of weeks, to include cutting my foot open while camping at the beach and then having to go to the Emergency Room. When the ordeal was all over and I was back home I found myself sitting there all alone in my house with my foot propped up on a pillow having a pitty party for myself, when I saw your book sitting on the table. Out of desperation I reached for it and began to re read it. Every word resonated with me, every sentence brought me out of my illusion and back to my true Self, every word spoke directly to my heart and my inner strength. My perspective shifted immediately and my intuitive knowing began speaking to me about why and what my recent disappointments were trying to tell me. So, thank you for being awake and for sharing this book that was inside of you, for enduring whatever challenges you went through to be the right person at the right time to write this book so that I could have the opportunity to read it. May your day be filled with blessings. Pamela Joy Swift

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